HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport Security

The HSTS standard at its root is to ensure clients always connect to a website over https. While this sounds like a very good idea and something that you might want. Caution needs to be taken as it might block HTTP access to certain pages that actually requires it or needs to be excluded from […]

Time-To-Live Settings for the Qlik Sense Engine

What is “time-to-live”? To have the answer make sense, we need to take a step back and outline how a connection to the Qlik Sense Engine occurs. At a high level, when a user opens an app, the Engine processes the user’s identity (for use if Section Access is applied) and constructs a ‘session’ for […]

External Program Tasks in Qlik Sense

External program tasks in Qlik Sense are simply another task type that exists, but not fully exposed by the QMC. They are tasks that are triggered from the QMC but allow for commands to be run in a command shell process behind the scenes; which in turns means you can run more or less anything […]